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You can try our app with saving disabled. To enable saving your icons, you need to get Iconomy from the Mac App Store. Have fun!

Iconomy for OSX

Save countless hours of searching for correct icon sizes and generating various versions of your icons. With Iconomy you simply drag your high resolution icon into the App, select your output device and everything else is taken care of automatically.

Iconomy creates a goregeous realtime preview of your icon of how it will look on the target device. No need to integrate icons into your App and building/starting it all over again to see how it looks. All necessary retina versions will be created. You can even batch resize or tint your icons directly in the App - without altering the original.

You can directly export into an existing Asset Catalog file or drag your icons into Xcode. Of course you can save them into a folder or drag them anywhere you want. The naming of the output files will be automatically done for you.

Iconomy contains over 50 resize templates (resulting in over 100 predefined icon, launch screen or marketing graphics sizes) and you can easily create your own resize templates if needed.

- Over 50 resize templates included
- Templates for: iOS, OSX, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android
- Generates icons, Launch Images, App Store Graphics, User Interface Icons
- Generates Retina versions (@2, @3) and separate hdpi versions
- Gorgeous preview where you can see the icon in action
- Support for iPhone6 (Plus), iPad (Pro), Watch, AppleTV, OSX, Android
- Export to disk (.png files)
- Export directly to Xcode Asset Catalog
- Automatic image file naming
- Create your own resize templates
- Resize and Tint graphics on the fly without altering the original image

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